Ugly Duckling Ltd
— Office Courtyard


 Castlefield, Manchester


To utilise the outdoor courtyard to create a new meeting space for a busy office. The existing courtyard was tired - old decking and overgrown ivy with a picnic table in the middle. The space needed to reflect the modern office space inside.


To improve existing boundary, both aesthetically and practically, refurbish existing decking, and add feature plants and new furniture.

The decking was pressure washed and painted with a matt black decking paint. The old boundary with overgrown ivy was removed and replaced by large rectangular planters, which were filled with a beautiful short (up to 2m) bamboo - more suited to a small garden and which grows well in containers (Fargesia Murielae 'Simba'). Once established this will make the boundary around 2.5 metres with the added container height. Around the base of the bamboo, large white pebbles were placed, as a design feature and to hide the soil.


A white meeting table and chairs were sourced - these are suitable for year round outdoor use, and are white to add a statement in contrast to the black floor and planters.  Statement plants - a Mahonia and an Acer were placed around the courtyard for added interest.  A parasol was also added (not shown) for those occasionally bright days we have in Manchester!



 "The transformation of our courtyard is unbelievable – it was previously so shabby and not a pleasant space to spend time in, but now it is beautiful, modern, easy to maintain and such a useful area which has literally added an extension to our office space!